Turn your glass
to opaque in split seconds

Glassoro is a switchable glass film laminated on glass panels that can be switched between opaque and transparency, in an instant,providing privacy.  Privatize your room with just a push of button.

At the same time, it enhances your glass safety with its self-adhesive film.

Without a doubt, its an innovative smart film for both commercial & residential usage.

Our Difference

Headquartered in Singapore, Glassoro strives to be a leading switchable glass film provider supporting our partners all around the world with an unsurpassed collaboration. We want to ensure that our partners get quality products at competitive rates as well as after-sales marketing support & training so that they are able to grow their business and attract new customers. 

Unlike other suppliers around the world, we are the only supplier that support our partners with on-site training, white-labelled marketing collateral, website setup & lead generation. We want to grow our partner’s business as much as they do.

Join Glassoro & grow with us today.